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Baby dry Scalp

My little guy has a ton of hair & his dry scalp is relentless! Now it's only on the front top of his head. Any remedies? I was using coconut oil after bath time but DH complained that it made him smell bad. Should I keep with the oil?

Re: Baby dry Scalp

  • My little one has it too and I've just been leaving it alone. That said, everyone I know swears by coconut oil....even a random lady at the store who was commenting on my baby's dry scalp :)
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  • DS1 had it badly. We tried olive oil, and other herbal remedies and our pedi even prescribed steroid lotion for it. Finally, my BIL noticed his head at Easter and nonchalantly said to use Head and Shoulders and that it worked like a charm for them. I googled dandruff shampoo for babies and they can be safe. We used Aveeno dandruff and it cleared up after just a few shampoos. Good luck!
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  • I switched to a baby shampoo (I was just using a baby body wash) and use coconut oil. Coconut oil smells great! He's crazy. :smile:
  • I used baby oil and then a soft brush to sort of rub it out.
  • Our pediatrician said use head and shoulders every other day for a week and then 2 times a week after that but to be careful not to get it in their eyes. It won't hurt anything but it will sting if it gets in,
  • My baby had a really dry scalp as well. We put an ample amount of Vaseline on his scalp and left it for 15 minutes then shampooed it out with baby shampoo and it was gone. Hasn't come back and it's been like 5 weeks.
  • My son had the same thing. Dr said to use aquaphor leave it on for a few hours then wash it off and take a fine toothed comb to it. We did this 2 weeks ago ONE time and it's been perfect since then.
  • Ok so I did the Aquaphor thing and the skin is sloughing off. But my baby has tons of hair and it's not coming out of the hair. It's a sticky mess. What the heck do I do?! Will it eventually come out? My poor babies hair
  • This sounds crazy but if you have some handy, breast milk will do the trick. Just leave it in for a couple of hours and rinse off with water, not body wash etc.

    I use it on my baby's baby acne and even on a scratch on his face, and it literally cleared everything up within hours. I was blown away!
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  • @rms924 that crossed my mind, i'm gonna try it!
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