Pregnant after a Loss

Not sure how to feel...

Had a loss in March and am currently 5 weeks 4 days having like spotting and very light cramping. This never happened with my loss and dr said it could be normal. Having a very tough time

Re: Not sure how to feel...

  • Thinking of you! It's so hard when things happen over the weekend. I had cramping with my healthy pregnancy, not my loss. Are you gonna go in Monday and get checked?
  • At the er now bleeding got a little worse getting checked out
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  • Good luck to you. I'm also in the er right now. Waiting...
  • How did it end up for you@jacobsone2? My hormone levels were on for how far along I am and ultrasound checked out for not having ectopic pregnancy and cervix was closed now I have to wait and get more blood drawn on Tuesday at Drs
  • Glad everything went ok! They told me the bubble I had coming of my cervix is a mucus bubble and that my baby had a low heart rate of 102. I'm going to follow up tomorrow with my dr. They told me i just have to wait and see what happens. The waiting game sucks doesn't it?
  • How's your bleeding now?
  • Bleeding is definitely there, more then spotting.....this waiting game if horrible, I had a reassuring nurse that said she bled with both of her children the whole first trimester...still so worried
  • I know, I totally understand. We worry the whole pregnancy, if it's not one thing it's another
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