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Always peeing out of diapers??

Ok ladies I am totally perplexed! I've posted a lot about potty training my now 3 yr old DD. She is still struggling with constipation and still were at night. So I put her in a diaper at night. She sometimes sleeps in her bed.. Sometimes in ours. Probably most of the time in ours. Either way I am literally washing bedding and sheets every single day because she wakes up in the middle of the night completely soaked through her diapers.. Jammie's.. All over the sheets.. Blankets etc!!! I am beyond frustrated. I started putting waterproof pads underneath the fitted sheet so I at least didn't have to wash the mattress pad all the time too. But I JUST put clean sheets and bedding on our bed last night and I have to change them again tomorrow because she just peed all over again!

Doesn't matter what she's in. Now she's in a Huggies size 6. She was in Luv's 5 and 6.. Either way she pees through it

During the day.. I sometimes will have her in one if it's nap or something. She can have a totally dry diaper and she'll be standing in the kitchen or wherever and pee and it's literally a puddle all over the floor. How is this possible when she's wearing a diaper?? Is it too big?? I don't get it! She's within the weight range for the size she's wearing but it's like the diaper is dry but there's pee all over the place!!

Ugh!! Between getting up every hour with our teething 5 month old and changing a wet toddler and a wet bed every night.. I am exhausted!
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Re: Always peeing out of diapers??

  • My almost 2 yr old does this as well. The huggies night diapers hold up pretty good but he still wets everything from time to time. Is she drinking a lot right before bed? Try taking away the liquids an hour or 2 before bed. That's our problem.
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  • I agree with limiting fluids within an hr or so of bedtime. We had to do that with our DD 1 when she started sleeping in undies instead of pullups. We used to send her to bed with a water cup which she was free to drink from at night. But then she would wake at least 2x to pee so it had to stop. This doesn't solve the mystery of pee going everywhere and the diaper being dry though... Maybe the fit around the legs is too loose or loosens up when she's moving? And I also agree about Huggies night time diapers. They have this awesome scrunchy panel int he back that should keep the pee from coming out the top.make sure all the ruffles are flipped out too. But overall i ink the issue is, at this age they can hold pee for so long that when they finally release it, it is such a large quantity and strong flow that diapers just can't hold it. When we first put her in pullups during the day, she would literally make a puddle every time. They were not absorbent enough.... Oh and also, maybe try double bagging her at night?
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