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Refusing to eat

My 2 year old refuses to eat, when he does its only a few bites. Very rarely do I give him junk food but at his dad's I think they eat pretty crappy. He prefers his milk over anything he's not losing weight and is still having regular BMs its been going on for almost 6 months with a few weeks here and there where he ate like a champ. Is this normal? Help!

Re: Refusing to eat

  • I think it's normal because that's the way my son has always been. He is 3.5 now but has always been a very picky eater.

    All you can do is offer healthy meals, put an item or 2 on the plate that you know he likes and let him eat what he wants. Don't be a short order cook and make special meals for him. He should be eating what you are eating at each meal. Offer water with meals instead of milk.

    It's frustrating and tough, I know, but you only have so much control over this so try the best you can.

  • I have been dealing with this for a year with my 2.5 DD its the most frustrating thing.
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  • He's a toddler! It's what they do :-). Mine is the same age and goes through spurts where I can't feed her enough to eating like a bird. A lot of times when we're home, I just leave out healthy options that she can eat at her convenience. I don't think food should be a battle. If I make something and my daughter has one or two bites, I won't make another meal for her but at the same time if she doesn't want it, I don't force her to eat it. But I don't let her starve either. If/when she gets hungry then I offer her a snack like yogurt, cereal, cheese, crackers, fruit, etc. 
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