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Anyone else with an extremely difficult Baby?

So my little bundle of joy has been an extremely difficult and fussy baby since the day he was born. He is now 9 months and still gets up twice a night on average, which is a lot better than the 6-7 times a night for 6 months straight. Now just last night he got up 5 times and has been fussy and unsettled and just acting miserable, he has no teeth yet (people have been saying he's teething since he was a newborn because of his extreme fussiness). Yet no teeth, I've tried everything and he is still fussy. I'm at my wits end, I need sleep and it's just not getting any easier. If you have or have had a difficult baby, please let me know when it got easier for you. Hoping to see a light at the end of this never ending tunnel, and need some reassurance.

Re: Anyone else with an extremely difficult Baby?

  • I'm so sorry things are rough. Have you asked your Pediatrician what he/she thinks and what could be the cause? I know that some babies are just "high needs" or tougher than other babies but perhaps your Pedi has some insight.

    Is it just the sleeping that is tough? He is generally unhappy all the time? (The fussiness is most likely from crappy sleep though)

    Can you tell us a little about his schedule?


  • I also believe I have a high needs baby and it can be very exhausting. I work three days a week and I'm with him the other two. I don't have much advice for you but I sympathize with you!
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    - what is your routine?
    - are to sleep training?
    - are you nursing?
    - where does baby sleep?
    - how do you respond to wake ups?

    My son still wakes up 2-6 times a night. He it's ten months. We have chosen to follow the "wait it out" method of sleep training (ie not really training until we feel he is more ready) He gets very distracted during the day, and really doesn't drink much milk while I am at work, so he still gets a significant number of calories at night.

    We're cool with this. I'm not complaining. We decided to follow a gentle parenting route, and so far I really like it--most of the time, lol.

    Things I do to maximize my restedness:
    1. Cosleep (we bedshare on a floor bed) and pop my nipple near his mouth as son as he fuses studio we get right back to sleep (seriously in less than five minutes)
    2. Take am naps with ds on weekends
    3. Go to bed by 9:30 every night
    4. Drink a crap ton of water and exercise 20 mins so I feel healthy
    5. Teach ds how to go to sleep with dad's help as well as mine, use movie tan one method to help him relax also he doesn't get to dependent on one (patting, rocking, walking, nursing, swinging)
    6. Keep all routines consistent ( maybe not exact times, but general times and same order)
    7. Make sure ds is comfortable-- he is always warmer than I think I would be in the same sitch and needs fewer layers than I wear (i always feel cold)
    8. Run a humidifier so everyone breathes better
    9. Change diaper when I go to bed while he is asleep so he sleeps longer in the am and dream feed (or feed back to sleep) when we are done

    I have no idea if these suggestions will help you, though. They work with my family and my style, but if you tell us more about the questions above we might be able to help better.

    Eta: do you think Christmas excitement is still just overwhelming him?
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