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Small Brag (sorry but kinda not sorry)

So I had my 6 week pp check Friday and when I stepped on the scale I was super nervous bc for me weight has been an issue since ds came along 10 years ago. With dd I watched what I ate and honestly I had some serious food aversions so I ate very healthy this time around. Anyway when I went in to have dd I weighed 215lbs only gaining about 16lbs total for the pregnancy. I was proud of myself but noticed I had slimmed down a ton even though I had gained. Anyway so as I'm stepping on the scale I see the numbers stopping and realize I'm now at 178.5lbs!!! I was so excited bc I haven't been that small in a few years. So now I have a goal of 18-28 more lbs and then I'm good. Sorry so long but I was so excited to see that yesterday!!

Re: Small Brag (sorry but kinda not sorry)

  • Congratulations! !! Keep it up mama
  • Go you!
    P.s. It's totally ok to brag about it ;)
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  • That's awesome go you! I know how that feels. I didn't gain any weight this pregnancy, and I'm actually down 25 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight myself. It was awesome to step on the scale and see that.
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  • Wow! That's amazing. I'm down 15 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. I actually didn't gain any weight at all while pregnant. The reflection in the mirror still surprised be each day. Keep up the good work! Hoping to lose another 15 myself
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  • Good for you!! That's awesome! I'm actually scared to step on the scale.. I'm sure I have a long way to go.
  • Great! I weighed myself a week after he was born and had lost 20lbs. I go in next week for a 4 week check up, and I am so nervous to see how much I weigh! I fit into one pair of pre pregnancy jeans, but they are tight.
  • Thank you ladies I was so excited!
  • Don't feel bad that's awesome!! I was 240 when we found out at 4 weeks, 257 when I went to deliver and I was 224 at 3 weeks after. At my 6 week check up I was 227 but I was in jeans, hoodie and tennis shoes. Gained 17 and lost 33.
  • That is awesome mama!!!! I am overweight and gained 30 lbs but am now down 40 in 4 weeks! Having a baby and breastfeeding/pumping is the best diet I have ever been on haha.
  • Also... I was exactly where you are at weight wise! Started at 193, got up to 216. 1 week post, I was down to 196. I would LOVE to be 178 at my check up next week! And my goal by summer time is 150-160. I'm hoping all this breastfeeding is doing something!
  • That's great! My mom always told me having babies was a good weight loss system! lol Can't speak for everyone, but it's helped me shed a few extra lbs too!
  • Don't be feeling bad to brag!!!! I gained 16 during pregnancy and at 4 weeks according to my scale I was down 21. I've since got my appetite back so my 6 week could be interesting. I understand I just had a baby so I'm allowed to have some weight gain, but that can only go so far so it feels good see the scale numbers go down.
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