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I was reading some posts and got to thinking about pregnancy and miscarriage, and miscarriages suck big time and are very painful. I know labor pains and giving birth are very painful as well but they don't give you any pain meds while having a miscarriage or afterwards. You think they would at least give you something better than extra strength tylenol during the process of it, you know?

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  • I think it depends on where you were in the pregnancy, and the way the MC goes. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at 10 weeks and I needed to check into the hospital - they ended up offering me a morphine drip while I was there. I didn't take it, but I remember the option was extended to me at my hospital.
    You're right though, for home miscarriages ladies who are just "suffering through it" should definitely be given stronger meds and muscle relaxants IMO. It's horrible.
  • I had a mc at 17 weeks amd had a d&c. I was given morphine drip 1 night in hospital and went home with pain meds other then extra strength Tylenol. I never needed them though heating pads on my lower belly and hubby rubbing my back all day and night helped.
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  • Mine was at 8 weeks but I had a horrible experience. The pain was so awful. I was covered in so much sweat because of it all. And the tool they used to open up your was pinching me the whole time and I told them and they wouldn't fix it. It was just so awful. I think I hurt the nurses hand too because the expression on her face but she told me to squeeze her hand if I needed to so I did. They just gave me tylenol. And just to take tylenol afterwards as well. It's such an awful experience that I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
  • Did you have a d&c awake?
  • I miscarried at 17 weeks and had a D&C. I was awake and was only given Tylenol before the procedure due to a very rude nurse's error. After the procedure, the doctor apologized and some hospital staff member wanted me to sign papers stating I would not sue since the nurse hadn't bothered to give me the pain meds she was supposed to prior to the D&C. It was the worst experience of my life.
  • You really should put a disclaimer in the title of this thread so people are surprised or upset by the things you are talking about. Discussing miscarriages so nonchalantly might upset some people.
  • I had cytotec and a d&c at 9-10 weeks. Was given plenty of percoset and motrin to take. Most doctors will prescribe painkillers for miscarriages even without you asking. If they don't, just ask. Its no fin, and thankfully, they know it and are usually pretty generous and understanding through a miscarriage.
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