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Nighttime weaning

Any advice for nighttime weaning. My almost 19 month old son is still nursing every two hours all night long. I'm exhausted! We co-sleep but he wakes me up.

Re: Nighttime weaning

  • Tell him that the boobies are tired and have gone to sleep.
  • There are a lot of great resources for gentle weaning. A few ideas I've picked up from various mom groups:
    1. Check out Gordon method 
    2. Books: Nursies When the Sun Shines and Sally Weans from Night Nursing
    3. Some moms put band aids on their nipples and say they are hurting
    4. Some moms use night lights that change color when it is okay to nurse again. 
    5. Often after night weaning babies still wake up....hopefully less often though. Moms I know offer water and cuddle them back to sleep. 
    6. Some moms literally go away for a weekend and leave dad to sort it out!
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  • We've been working on weaning my 20 month old from night feedings. We also co-sleep. What has worked best for us is for me to leave to room when DS wakes up. DH then puts DS back to sleep. It usually takes just a few minutes and then I go back in. I'm also not nursing DS to sleep anymore (just nurse and then get him ready for bed). We found that when I did stay in the room, DS freaked out and wouldn't go back to sleep for hours. Last night I didn't have to leave, so it seems to be working.
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