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So it started off with just our 15 month old having a cold, and now my hubby and I have caught it. Aside from lots of hand washing is there much else we can do to prevent our 3 week old from getting sick? I'm exclusively breastfeeding and my nose gets so runny that I try to turn away from looking at her during feedings.

The unfortunate part for me is I have a very weak immune system, so I'll be sick for a week or 2 before it's gone.

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    DD's first days home I managed to get a cold.... Then the second week DH caught my cold. I was exclusively BF and DD never got sick. Besides washing our hands we didn't do anything out of the normal. We still Kissed her, and loved on her. Never once got sick.
  • If you are breastfeeding then you are doing the best thing to keep her healthy! The antibodies that you are making to fight your cold is in your breastmilk and it will help keep her from getting sick!

    We visited my mother last week and she ended up getting me sick, now DH is sick too but LO is fine! We have all been kissing her and touching her like normal! I figure if she was going to catch it she already would have by now.
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