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Questioning doctors orders...

Hello everyone!
I have a little boy who is 17 weeks today. I had him weighed a week ago and he was 9.1kgs.. (20 pounds). He was born 4.2kgs (9 pounds 3 ounces) and 56cms long. My husband is 6"4 so we expected to have a big baby. My issue is that our doctor has told me to feed bub less. He also told me this when bub was 6 weeks old, but it didn't work- he just cried and cried.
In my opinion, my baby is eating because he is hungry, not because he is greedy... I don't know what to do! I don't think he looks THAT big... But when you have tall people in the family it's bound to happen, right?

Re: Questioning doctors orders...

  • So cute! He's definitely on the bigger side but I don't think I'd change feeding habits unless he's eating a ton more than average. How much is he eating? I would feed him if he's hungry, especially if he's not spitting it up or anything. My doc and LC thought my LO was eating too much when he was younger but he was obv hungry so I continued to feed him as much as he wanted.
  • DD was 18olbs at her 4 month appointment, despite being born only 7lbs 7oz and despite DH and i both being small.  The doctor said nothing about her eating too much, just that some babies will suddenly stall weight gain when they start crawling or walking, so that would probably happen to us.  I EBF/give bottles of breastmilk while i'm at work.  The doctor said average is 32oz/day, and when i figure how much she's getting from the bottles and nursing sessions, i think she is right around that.  The doctor said they also don't start worrying about children being overweight until they are 2 yeard old.  If he's hungry, feed him.
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  • I also don't believe that babies cant overeat. They eat when they are hungry and unless your LO has a medical condition or something making him gain too much weight, too quickly then I'd feed him when he's hungry.

    I personally would get a different pediatrician.

  • I also agree that babies can't overeat. Your baby looks long and very proportionate. I wouldn't worry and if I were you I would be looking for another pedi too. My husband and are both over 6ft. Our little girl was 8 lbs at birth, she's 3 months old and when she was weighed a couple weeks sho was 17 lbs and is 26 inches long. She eats about every 3 hours and actually eats less then the recommended ounces per body lb. we feed on demand per our pediatrician's recommendation. Your baby is adorable and looks very healthy!
  • Actually size as a baby does not equal size as an adult or even older child. So just because your hubby is 6'4 doesn't mean you are destined for a big baby. That being said, your baby does not look overly fat. He looks long and chubby, and cute!! I also have a big baby, she's 16 lbs 6oz and is 26 inches long at 4 months. I wouldn't worry and maybe start looking for a new doctor. Babies in my opinion will not over eat. Keep feeding him if he's hungry!
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