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Questioning doctors orders...

Hello everyone!
I have a little boy who is 17 weeks today. I had him weighed a week ago and he was 9.1kgs.. (20 pounds). He was born 4.2kgs (9 pounds 3 ounces) and 56cms long. My husband is 6"4 so we expected to have a big baby. My issue is that our doctor has told me to feed bub less. He also told me this when bub was 6 weeks old, but it didn't work- he just cried and cried.
In my opinion, my baby is eating because he is hungry, not because he is greedy... I don't know what to do!

Re: Questioning doctors orders...

  • I say feed baby what he wants. We don't start overeating until we get older and hooked on junk food. My LO takes 6oz and has since just over 2 months and that's way more than normal. He was in 5th percentile at birth for weight and at 2 month visit was 25th percentile. Not everyone follows the norm and some babies just grow at their own pace. As long as you're not encouraging baby to finish a bottle he doesn't want you're not overfeeding
  • Thank you! Not forcing him at all. I'm ordering less than normally takes and if he cries because he wants more, I give it to him, if not I leave it. I wanted to follow my instincts but just wanted to see what others thought.
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  • Just feed him. Is the doctor here when ypur baby cries because he is hungry ? Of course not. You know your baby better. Awesome mama
  • Why does your ped think you should be feeding him less? I might start researching new doctors.

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  • How much ARE you feeding him first of all? Is he basing that on his weight or by the volume he is consuming? I mean my son is only 15 weeks and he's 15.5 lbs and we don't expect him to be big at all, my doctor is pleased with his weight, i don't feel like a baby who is 2 weeks older and who was born over 1lb bigger than mine would be considered large at only 4lbs heavier. Your Dr. seems like he could use a snickers.

  • Doctors don't know everything. Trust you mommy instincts.
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