Newborn has heart mermer

I am looking for any advice from mothers who have experience with heart mermer's in babies. We were told last night my 16 day old baby boy has a heart mermer and we are getting a referral to a cardiologists.

Looking for any advice or moms with experience with this


Re: Newborn has heart mermer

  • I'm sorry I don't have any advice but I wanted to send you a hug and prayers.
  • Hi there, my little guy is almost 2years old now, but he also had a heart murmur as a newborn. It's actually quite common as their heart chambers begin to regulate, I can't quite remember the details, but something along the lines of the chambers opening and closing at a slightly different rate..quite a few, include our son's go away by the time they reach 6 weeks or so. Hoping this is the same for your LO!
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  • DD had a heart murmur as an infant. Her pediatrician found it on the very 1st visit I took her to my myself; she was less than 6 weeks old. It was the scariest thing in my life when someone said "pediatric cardiologist" to me. The murmur eventually resolved itself (by her 1st birthday), which I understand is common, and she is now a very happy, healthy 9 year old who plays soccer. I know it's scary, but you're doing what you need to do. Listen to the doctor and in a few years, you'll probably be in here telling a frightened new mom that everything will be ok. :)
  • Thank you!
  • My little one has a murmur as well, diagnosed around 2 months. The ER doc said that it is so common in babies coming into the ER. He said if 3 came in, 2 would have murmurs. We have been to a cardiologist and they have confirmed it's just a benign murmur that a lot of babies have. Their chest walls are so thin, so it's easier to hear while they are babies. And it may not be able to be heard once they start growing. 

    Of course, murmurs have levels and they can be more serious but until you hear otherwise, I'd be trying not to worry. 

    My daughter still has it at 1 and they said it may resolve or she may continue to have it for the rest of her life but regardless, it wasn't something to worry about.

    The cardiologist said it's basically just a flow and that it sounds a bit different. 

    Oh and they are easier to hear when babies are sick. Just FYI.
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