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*UPDATE* genetic test results in

Hi all, I just got a call from my ob and he told me that the genetic test showed that the baby had Turners Syndrome, which means that the fetus had 45 chromosomes and only one X. It is what caused my mc. I feel good that we got an answer for this mc, but it did make me a little sad about my angel.

Good news is that there is no increased chances of happening again, bad news is that we had VERY bad luck that it happened twice! We are in the 5%...

Anyways, I wanted to provide and update. Now, still waiting for AF and we will do the additional blood tests just for piece of mind.
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Re: *UPDATE* genetic test results in

  • Oh, wow. Thank you for updating. I am sad to hear that about your little baby, but so glad you got a definitive answer from your testing.

    I am in the 5 percent along with you! Hoping third time is the charm for you and me both. Stay strong, you've got a great attitude. Good riddance, 2015, and let's see what next year holds.
  • Glad you got some answers. Hopefully your bad luck has run out! Good luck moving forward.
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  • It sounds like you got good news considering the circumstances! As PPs said, I hope your bad luck is over and you get your rainbow baby soon. Keep us posted on the bloodwork!
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  • I also hope the bad luck is over and things start looking up for you.  :)
  • I just want to take a minute to say my heart goes out to you. 

    I also want to thank you for finding out the cause of your losses. It is SO important to helping others understand what can cause miscarriages… and maybe one day we will have more information on how to possibly prevent them. 

    Love and light to you during this time!
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