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Mastitis after 1 missed pumping session?

Just wondering if anyone has ever gone through this. Long story short I went 8hrs between pumping (1st night back at work and had to leave to take sick DH to ER) I was painfully engorged in the morning and pumped. LO was at grandma's. I've spent all morning pumping /BFing, took motrin, and I'm still very uncomfortable. I don't feel any hard lumps but I have nausea and feel chills. No fever. Just wondering if anyone has gone through this? I'm worried about mastitis.

Re: Mastitis after 1 missed pumping session?

  • When I had it I had no hard spot on breast but there was a distinct red spot underneath that I missed. I did have a low grade fever but my main symptoms were nausea and chills worse then what you would get with the flu. I was put on antibiotics and it cleared up quickly. Doc said it can happen when bacteria builds up or gets in there or from being engorged which I was frequently I had a preemie and before i could actually breastfeed I had to pump and feed him via feeding tube. I would see a Dr if it doesn't clear up soon I hope you feel better soon and hope your DH is ok!
  • Have you tried pumping until no more milk was coming out? Maybe try that.....I make a lot of milk and have missed pumping sessions and been so full I leaked through a breast pad and bra. I just pumped until no more milk came out and I felt so much better! If your still in pain/discomfort, I'd call the Dr.
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  • Thanks everyone. I'm feeling better today. The nausea is gone and chills aren't nearly as bad as the flu. Had LO nurse a lot last night after a hot shower because I couldn't get rid of the fullness by pumping. It's like a stuffy nose you blow as hard as you can and hardly anything comes out. Still a little full but I think supply is just up now from yesterday, but I'm just glad it didn't drop and I think I'm in the clear but it was painful yesterday. DH is fine, he scratched both corneas taking out contact lenses he wore for too long and was in excruciating pain and couldn't see, but he's much better and didn't cause permanent damage.
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