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help! pain after lifting ..

Hi there, I lost my daughter Lillian at 28 weeks last spring and am pregnant with my second now (15 weeks). I was lifting quite a heavy box at work and decided it was to heavy so I put it back down and kick it with my foot and when I did it really hurt inside my stomach, I left work and have been laying in bed for 3 days and its not getting any better.. Most things I read say its normal and that I'm just growing, but I'm very worried where I lost my first that I have hurt myself. Any advice or similar stories ?

Re: help! pain after lifting ..

  • Have you called your doctor?  If I was having any sort of pain that I didn't think was normal I would call my doctor.
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  • I agree, call your doctor. They could check you out just to make sure everything is ok!
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  • So I got in and they found a strong little heart beat. This should be reassuring but it isn't! With my first, I went in with lots of pain, they found a heart beat, and at my next appointment an ultrasound confirmed my baby's heart had stopped beating weeks before. Very stressful. Guess we will see next month at my 19 week ultrasound..
  • I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I can't even imagine at 28 weeks. Every pregnancy is different, though. You may have pulled an already loose muscle or ligament, but it sounds like the damage was done to you and not your baby. You were smart to take it easy, though. Definitely no over doing it!
  • Be careful! Try to take it easy. A few days ago I lifted something heavy and had some cramps. So now I'm going to make my husband do all the heavy lifting :)
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