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December meet-up

Hi again everyone, wondering if anyone would like to try another meet up? I was thinking December 12 (Saturday) 9ish? Any location suggestions? Again everyone is welcome :)

Re: December meet-up

  • Sounds good to me! I'm fine with Paradise - love their pastries. I'm in Tempe so other places work well too. FTM and I'll be 22 weeks at that point. 

    Babywearing International of Phoenix is having a meeting the next weekend (Dec 19th) at Tumbleweed Park. I also plan on attending that. 
  • I can meet up then. I'm in Chandler, so the location you chose last time works for me, too. I'll be 21 weeks :)
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  • Oh, dang it! We'll be in San Diego the weekend of the 12th. :(

    @allaire314 I might try to join you for the BWIP meeting. I just wish it wasn't so far!
  • I'm going to try to make it to the BWIP meeting too. I met some really nice people last time and have been trying the toto wrap and ring sling for a couple of weeks. :)
  • I'm planning on making it to the park, too. I need to figure out what kind of baby wearing device will be best for me. :)
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  • @AEG84 - yeah the weekday meetings rotate, but I can't take off work to go to those right now... but I hope you can make it down! Sounds like we will have quite a Bump showing at this BWIP meeting!

    @owenreddh4 I am excited to see the different wrapping options! They are all so new to me, I'm not sure where to begin!
  • Aw, yay!  Did you guys already sign up as members? I haven't done that yet but probably should.
  • @AEG84 I haven't signed up as a paying member, but did fill out an attendance form. I went along with my own and got help making sure it was fitted right and LO was comfy. You can then try any of the ones there. If you want to borrow any you will need to become a paying member.

    @allaire314 I really like the wrap the most and yes there are tons of different ways to carrier with it. If you are going to the BWIP meeting I suggest bringing a pillow or doll with you so that you can try some. It seems silly but that is what I did til I could get it reasonable right before I tried with LO.
  • I haven't signed up - I might at the meeting or after. Should we plan to meet just before the meeting so we can find each other?
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  • owenreddh4owenreddh4 member
    edited December 2015
    Sure I haven't been to this park before. Let me look up where it is and figure out where would be the best meeting spot. Anyone else been there before? Suggestions?

    Meeting on the 12th - let's keep with the Paradise cafe off 54th behind the steak house at 9ish (because baby). Noticed that there was a large round table in the corner inside. If its free, I will sit there :)
  • I've only been there when I went to the ostrich festival. It's a big park - maybe meet in the parking lot?
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  • Reminder about Saturday. At the Paradise cafe of 54th and Ray behind the steak house. I'm aiming for 9 but baby rules time schedules now :) hope to see you there!

    Ps -- I have been having trouble with the Bump app this week as I updated my phone...
  • Ladies, heads up that I may not be able to make it :( Something I ate today is not agreeing with me and it's been a rough evening. If I'm feeling better in the morning, I'll be there, but if I feel like I do now I'll probably be sleeping at 9.
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  • Sorry to hear that @AK118 ! Hope you get to feeling better! Anyone else still planning on meeting or just meeting at the baby wearing group?
  • I would like to meet up if the meet up is still on!? :) I can be there at 9am tomorrow. I have a 3 1/2 mo. old little girl.
  • I will be there :)
    @AK118 feel better soon!
  • Ok! See you ladies soon!
  • Awake - for the 17th time :/ not going to make it. Hope to meet you ladies next Saturday at the babywearing meeting. Sorry for the bad timing
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  • Sorry ladies, her feeding time was at 9am this morning. I'd definitely be in to meeting up next time. Just let me know the next time and place :blush:
  • @jrae0815 no worries!! You should have come join us we were having a good old chat til after 11...Maybe see you on Sat at the bwi meeting? Hope it doesn't rain. :)
  • BWI meeting tomorrow at Tumbleweed park in Chandler...check out the website bwi phoenix for where to go. Hope to see you there!

    @AK118 hope you are feeling better
  • Not at Tumbleweed - they moved it to Chuparosa. See you there!

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  • @AK118 thanks for the heads up....I didn't see it so went to the wrong one at first :( but made it there in the end :)
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