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Runners? Running and BFing

So I used to run pre-pregnancy and am currently 4 weeks pp and nursing. Once im cleared to exercise I'm going to try to get back into running (I didn't run much pregnant due to constant nausea).

I am having a tough time with BFing but hopefully on the tail end of all the issues, just wondering if anyone had any tips for running and minimizing pain, leakage and supply (or is it a non issue). Thanks in advance!

Re: Runners? Running and BFing

  • I just try to make sure I empty out before a run, either by feeding her or pumping if DH is going to give her a bottle while I'm running. Haven't had any issues yet. Wear a good sports bra if you don't already (i had DDs pre-pregnancy so I gave always run in high impact moving comfort bras).
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  • As long as you've got good support and you're not overly full, it should be a non-issue. I can't imagine that you'll be overly full when you go though because that would mean baby would prob want to eat while you're out running ;)

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  • Thanks guys! I take it no affect negatively to supply, good to hear
  • My workouts aren't exclusively running, but have maintained my supply. LO is 6 months. Was definitely a concern, as my pumping output was low.
    I'm at my pp weight, though higher body fat %.
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  • feed baby and/or pump before you go out for a run, and wear 2 sports bras.

    shouldn't affect your supply as well as you are keeping up your calories and hydration.



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