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Spitting up/Overeating

My LO is 3 weeks and lately she spits up after every feeding. Sometimes it's not much but sometimes it feels like her whole feeding. I asked the LC today to see if it was normal which she said it was. My LO seems to only be soothed when she's on the breast. So I feel like she over eats which is why she spits up so much. Does anybody else's LO do this?

Re: Spitting up/Overeating

  • yes and then cries until I put him back on and keeps eating and either spits up again or falls asleep
  • Yes! She stopped after a week or two but it was passive spitting/throwing up and she didn't seem bothered by it. I always try to get a burp out of her and keep her upright for 10 minutes after eating which helps. She still slits up, but hasn't thrown up in a while.
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  • Yep, we have the same thing going on over here. I never know what to do if he spits up a lot. Is he fussy because he is hungry again? Or is he fussy because I over fed him?
  • Ahh I'm so thankful there's other babies/mommys going through this. Idk what I would do without this message board lol
  • Same here too! I was also worrying until I saw this!
  • Same problem except we're formula feeding. We just switched to a new one last night because she was constipated and spitting up. But overnight my husband said she seemed to need more each feeding (and I've heard that happens on this formula). So when she woke up a few hours after her last bottle, I thought she was hungry. She fell asleep during it and then woke up and kept eating. Then spit the whole thing up. I guess she wasn't actually hungry....mom fail! Then I didn't know when to feed her next....do I count from the previous feeding or the one she spit up?? She was spitting up a bit this morning and then screaming. I wasnt sure she was hungry or upset for a different reason. Finally, when I couldn't console her, I fed her. No spit up yet and happily asleep. But I have no idea what to predict anymore!
  • Yes I actually took lo to the doctors bc of this...they said he has reflux to stop him in between feeding to burp and to feed him upright. They also prescribed him Zantac. also try to keep baby upright for 30minutes after feedings. I know it's hard when baby is sleeping and you want to sleep so we got the fisher price rock and play and it allows baby to sleep semi upright. Hope this helps!
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