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Year old, not walking

My son turns a year on the first and is showing absolutely no interest in walking. We have bought him 3 push toys to walk behind, played with them for a few days and now is done with them. My husband and I have tried to get him to walk back and forth but if he can't reach one of us with his hand, he's crawling. He speed crawls, at least that's what I call it, he's too fast. But my only concern is that he doesn't want to walk, at all. Is it normal for a baby his age not to care about walking at all?

Re: Year old, not walking

  • Mine turns 1 also on the first. She stands for a few seconds then falls. She isn't walking yet either. I wouldn't be too worried at this point. Some kids only walk well past their first bday
  • My LO is not walking yet, he has taken a few steps but doesn't seem to care about walking. It is totally normal for a baby to not walk even up to 15 months. When your baby is ready they will just take off.
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  • yea same here, I know she can do it, I think shes just more confident in her crawling. She'll get there Im sure, it takes time for some.
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