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2nd Trimester

Baby pushing back?

I love feeling my baby move! But as soon as I (or anyone else) touches my stomach she stops moving! I'm 24 weeks. Does anyone else have any luck getting the baby to push or kick back to your touch?

Re: Baby pushing back?

  • You are more likely to have luck with this as baby gets bigger (third trimester).
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  • Same as pp just give it some more time, it will happen :)
  • When I push my son pushes back. He doesn't like to be pushed around. And if my husband presses down he will kick at his hand. 

  • Lurking from 3rd trimester. When I first felt my LO moving as SOON as my SO would put his hand on my tummy she stopped moving around, I'd have to wait until she was super active and kicking up a storm. However, just a few weeks after this when I had my Anatomy US and at prenatal appointments with the doppler she would kick at it and respond. Now 37 weeks, if I poke or touch her, she usually responds. 
  • I've go the same issue.  If I leave my hand on my stomach for a few minutes I'll feel the baby move.  As soon as my husband puts his hand there the baby goes still.  Its become a bit of a running joke.  I think the baby notices the difference in temperature.  My husbands hands tend to be cold and I don't think the baby likes it.  I took a bath the other night and the baby was moving up a storm.  Every time I went to get out of the tub I would get sharp kicks of protest. 
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