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To travel or not?

WWYD? I have a work trip in December and was planning to visit my father while I'm in Florida. I wanted to bring the family but, hubby has work stuff at home, including his annual holiday party which is always a blast and our annual community gathering both of which I'd miss if I go visit my dad. not sure if this is the right forum but, just wanted input on what you guys would do? LO is 17 months, first time away from him more than 2 days but, I also rarely get to see my pops.

Re: To travel or not?

  • I am not sure how old your dad is, but my dad is older and I would take the chance to visit him if I don't get to see him often.  Parents are likely not going to be around as long as your husband and child.  And family takes precedence over parties to me.
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  • So is the question should you take your LO, by yourself, on a work trip? Or is it should you come home early for a party?

    If the question is should you come home for a party instead of seeing your dad, I would say no. Go see your dad, there will always be another party and parents don't live forever.

    If the question is should you take your LO on a work trip, I would ask who is going to watch your LO while you work? If you have help then I would say yes, take your LO and go visit your dad.

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  • Go see your dad.
  • Thanks guys, I would've loved to bring my boy to see his grandpa but I just don't see the logistics working out of hiring an unknown babysitter while I worked and I always feel bad leaving LO with the hubs but I shouldn't, he's more than capable ;) I'll have fun spending some time with my dad, I guess I just wanted other opinions, thanks!
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