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4 week old has eye infection

My 4 week old girl has an eye infection. Dr has prescribed antibiotic drops but small risk of grey baby syndrome. Was wondering about trying to let her fight it out but read this could lead to other issues like meningitis! Conflicted, please help

Re: 4 week old has eye infection

  • Grey baby syndrome is more likely when used intravenous not with eye drops. If it were me I would use the drops because newborns can not fight off illnesses like adults or older children can.
  • You could also put some breast milk in the eye as well. It will help with the infection.
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  • If you are breastfeeding putting a couple drops of breastmilk in eyes can help cure infections. It has great antibacterial healing properties.
  • Yes! My baby had a clogged tear duct during her first week and breastmilk did the trick.
  • what is a grey baby syndrome?
  • Yeah did ask gp about breastmilk and he didn't seam to think it would help. Have been using sterile salted water to clean and seams a bit better. Was hoping to keep her away from chemicals as long as possible but don't want to risk her health.
  • My newborn had one too. I put breast milk in his eye twice a day and it went away in 2 days
  • My baby developed one at 3 weeks from a blocked tear duct. A few times of the antibiotics and it's gone completely. As soon as I put the stuff in his eye the first time he was SO much happier! I was given erythromycin... the same stuff my mom used on all 3 of my brothers and me growing up. I am ALL about letting your immune system handle things and only using medicine when needed... but I wasn't ready to take the risk of not giving him the antibiotics at this young an age. Too much could happen by the infection not clearing up completely or by my taking too long to respond and letting the infection get worse. 
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