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When did the morning sickness end for you?

I have been so sick since week 6. I'm at 9 wks 2 days and am so exhausted and tired of feelig nauseous. My nausea is all day long and through most nights too, waking up to gag and force some crackers down. With my first pregnancy, I had ms but not like this. This is to the extreme. I'm hoping like my first, it will be gone around 12-14 weeks. Hoping to hear when your ms ended. I am just so emotional about feeling so sick and honestly with having a toddler already and expecting twins, it's overwhelming. When I feel this sick, I just can't see how it's going to work with a toddler and 2 newborn babies. Sorry, I know this is a pity party post. Hate to be so negative but the morning sickness is really wearing me down. And I am taking sick days I was trying to save for my maternity leave which is a whole other sobfest since I only get 66% disability for 6-8 weeks. Nothing paid so each day I take now for ms is another day I won't be paid on maternity leave (despite being a loyal and hard working employee for the last 8+ years). yup, I am emotional and negative today. Sorry ladies. Tell me good news about your ms ending.

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  • I am so sorry you feel this way:

    What helped for me:

    Acupressure bands

    Weekly acupuncture

    Taking extra vitamin B6 3 times a day.

    Do not let your stomach get empty

    Wishing you well.
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  • Thank you so much! I hadn't thought of The acupressure bands. I'm going to try it!
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  • My morning sickness went away around 12/13 weeks - so there is hope! I found dried ginger, mints, lemon water, and crackers really helpful. Also raw almonds and nuts to keep my stomach full - an empty stomach was my enemy. I also made sure to eat something substantial right before bed - a banana, some nuts, etc. Otherwise I'd wake up gagging.

    Here's hoping you feel better soon!
  • Mine stopped around week 14. Hoping it ends soon for you as well! I hated it so much.

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  • Mine started to get a little better around 10 weeks and was much better by 12 weeks. But I was just nauseous- I didn't actually get sick.

    What helped me most to keep the nausea in check was to constantly eat throughout the day. Seems counterintuitive but it worked for me. I did end up packing on 7 pounds by 16 weeks but it was worth it!
  • I had zero ms with my 3 year old son. With my twin girls, I was super sick until 25 weeks! It was horrible! I was put on Zofran, and it still sucked. I had to have something in my stomach, as the other ladies said. If my stomach got empty, I was throwing up. I kept water and crackers with me at work. Hope it passes soon for you!

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  • I'm 29 weeks today. I'll let you know when it ends.

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  • Still here. Worse after a tummy bug at 31 weeks. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and this is the worst it has been. Same thing happened with my son last time. I have no hope.

    Est lots of ice. That is one of the only things that has helped me.
  • Mine went away around week 15 and then came back around week 34. The only thing that worked for me was clemintines, which really made no sense but as soon as I put a piece in my mouth, I instantly felt a little better. If I felt sick and didn't get a clemintine asap, I'd be throwing up. Ginger ale and ginger tea helped a little but crackers made me more nauseous. McDonalds cheese burgers oddly helped too but that was towards the end of the worst at 14-15 weeks.

    Good luck!!! Hope you feel better soon!
  • Mine was all-day sickness. I tried all of the remedies mentioned (eating crackers before I get out of bed, ginger, those wrist bands, always keeping something in my stomach, small meals, etc.) But I threw up so many times I ended up at the hospital twice needing to get fluids. Many days I could not even keep water down. They tried several different medications to control the nausea and vomiting (they hardly worked). Now at 20 weeks, it has definitely gotten better (and has over the last 2 weeks). I am still taking Diclegis, but I only get sick maybe once right when I wake up, so I would say it's manageable. This is my first pregnancy so I don't know if it's so bad because it's twins or if I just have bad pregnancies (my mom had all-day sickness with all of her singleton pregnancies). All I can say is...try to focus on the babies...one day it will all be worth it! I feel for ya!
  • 24/7 nausea is what I had. It finally subsided around 14 weeks. Constant snacking helped minimize the sick feeling. I never actually threw up. I tried all the tricks & nothing took the nausea away completely. Hang in there!
  • Can I please join the pity party today- Just one of those overly anxious days about two infants and a busy 5 year old. I don't have the energy now to make it past 8PM without crashing. My MS (read all day long and all night long sickness) was really intense from about 7-11 weeks. Between the sickness and extreme tired\sleepiness I was in bad shape. Hang on, it does get better, Im not 100% back to feeling normal and have a lot of energy but I think I'm making my way back.
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  • I barfed for 7 months with my 1.5 year old, I'm 16 weeks into twins and no sign of relief. I've tried Zofan and now I have Reglan which helps sometimes but I'm still pretty sick.
    I'm just really bad at the pregnancy part, love being mom though!
  • Diclegis and Zofran! The key with Diclegis is to keep taking it even if you have a "good day". I had horrible nausea/vomiting until I was prescribed Diclegis at ~13 weeks (I still get carsick tho).

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  • Thanks so much for all the responses! I'm at about 15 weeks now and starting to feel better. I still get nauseaous but it's at least not in the middle of the night and it's less frequent throughout the day. I think it got worse around 11-13 weeks and it seems like things as getting better. Thank goodness. I'm not going to lie, first trimester was really hard, it's all a blur now. Really looking forward to a more energetic and less nauseaous second tri!!
  • I started to feel better around 14 weeks with twins. It was a gradual change, but it did eventually happen. I hope you feel better soon!


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    I suffered from nausea during the first trimester with my secind baby. Sometimes it was so severe that I couldn't get up and had to stay in bed all day long. I couldn't eat and started losing weight. Of course, it frightened me. One of my friends suggested me trying CBD oil. At first I was suspicious, but I read about it and finally tried it. I should say, it worked great for me. I could eat everything I wanted, started gaining weight and felt great. I baby was born abolutely healthy. So, if you girls are tired of being sick, I suggest using CBD products without fear. And of course, you can ask your doctor first.
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