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Daycare costs in Hampton Roads

Hello ladies, I'm a military wife possibly moving back to Norfolk with a newborn this coming summer. I plan to start working full time once we get settled there, so I was hoping you could help me determine average daycare costs in the area, as well as how far in advance people typically sign up for wait lists.

How much is your day care?

How long was the wait time?

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Re: Daycare costs in Hampton Roads

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    Jami90Jami90 member
    Daycare costs vary depending on the area where you're seeking care. Newborn care was $170 weekly in downtown Suffolk vs $225 weekly in Northern Suffolk. That was almost 3 years ago. Chesapeake and Virginia beach are usually higher. I'd say start now. Military child care fills up faster also. Hope this helps!
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    syziasyzia member
    I am following on this. Really curious about daycare prices and recommendations. :)
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    I live in Chesapeake and my 1 year old son goes to Great Bridge Christian Academy. The cost is $150/week full time care. We did get offered a position at the military daycare at Little Creek and Chesapeake which is same cost but decided to go with a Civilian daycare. We are pregnant again and are already on the list for our second baby. They told me 9 month wait for that spot.
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