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Hey there! Third times a charm.....I hope!

My name is Crystal and I am 29. My husband and I have been TTCing for 6 years. I recently had my second miscarriage back in July at around 4 1/2 weeks. Just found out last night that I am pregnant again. We are both terrified of going through another miscarriage. I am currently 4 weeks, 3 days and I'm going in for my first beta today before work. I want to be excited and my HPTs look amazing but all I can think about is my first miscarriage that happened about 4 years ago where I had great tests and it ended at 5 weeks. This needs to be a sticky bean!!! My poor husband couldn't even sleep last night. Luckily I have been exhausted lately (hopefully a good sign) that I had no problem sleeping. I just hope my numbers are good and they double like they should. 
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MC @ 5w Aug. 2011, MC @ 4w4d July 2015. Expecting again......stick baby stick!!!!
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Re: Hey there! Third times a charm.....I hope!

  • Being tired is a good sign! Sending positive thoughts, prayers and sticky baby dust.
  • Fingers crossed for a sticky baby.
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  • Congrats on your BFP! Fingers crossed for a sticky baby!!
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  • Hello! I am new here too, best of luck!!
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  • Thanks everyone!!!

    Got my results from my first beta today......1792! That definitely made me feel a little better. Go back on Thursday for a repeat to make sure it's doubling and then maybe an early ultrasound!
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    MC @ 5w Aug. 2011, MC @ 4w4d July 2015. Expecting again......stick baby stick!!!!
    ~Chihuahua momma~
  • Yay!! Another 3rd time is the charm person!! We have been trying for 2 years and the first two I lost before 6 weeks. I'm on my third try and we have so far made it to 12 weeks!! Saw the heartbeat and everything! Prayers to you guys!!
  • Great news!!!
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  • I'm another member of the third time's the charm club.  Had a mmc at 12 weeks (bay stopped growing at end of 8, beginning of 9) and a mc at 5 weeks.  I'm currently at 8w3d and had one good ultrasound at 7w0d.  I go back on 12/4 for another appointment and a viability scan.  Really hoping this doesn't end up like the previous us where they discovered the baby had looked great at the beginning of 8 weeks and no hb at 12. With my previous pregnancy, I noticed a big change in my symptoms at around 9 weeks, but so far, this time, I'm a tired and pukey and filled with weird cravings and emotions as ever, so I'm hoping that's a good sign.
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