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Postpartum Dr Appt

My husband asked me the other day what happens at your first postpartum doctor appt because mine is coming up in a couple days, and I realized I don't really know. Obviously they will check to make sure everything is healing properly (tears, stitches, etc.), but what else typically takes place at these appts? Thanks in advance!

Re: Postpartum Dr Appt

  • All they did for me was check my incision, blood pressure, and hemoglobin. Asked if I had any concerns or questions. Then told me at the 6 week they will do a PAP and if I want a birth control method to think about what I want for the next appointment.
  • Pretty much the same. General check up, bp, weight, below the belt exam to check on stitches and healing, and checking the size of the uterus and how far apart the abdominal muscles are. They ask you ALL sorts of questions about your recovery so far and time with baby so far. They also talk to you about birth control, different options, questions about your normal periods to help figure out which route is best for you! 
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  • For me they were both incision checks, weight, bp and urine test. And then at the 6 week, about BC, and when you can have sex and work out again. I had a c section though so it might be different for you.
  • Mine was earlier and it was just weight, blood pressure, temperature, exam for uterus size and healing, questionnaire to see if we needed to discuss depression or blues, and long conversation about bc. I ended up deciding on the iud so she put that in during my exam. I'm within 3 years of my last pap so she said we'll wait until next year and it sounds like blood and urine tests vary by doctor but I didn't have any.
  • Mine just talked to me for about 2 minutes, wrote me a prescription and sent me on my way. No exam or anything.
  • My first PP appointment will be my 6 week appointment. We don't do an earlier appointment here. My doc will check my csection incision, abdomen, etc. I will also have my IUD inserted at that appointment. My doc also does a pregnancy test and asks a bunch of questions about how in feeling.
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