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Recommendations on brands of trainers? My grandma bought a pack of the Gerber training pants and they're okay but I'm wanting more. It's just for small outings, nap times, and probably bed time soon.
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Re: trainers

  • I liked ones with hidden PUL, because they look like undies while giving more coverage. We used ecoposh (by RaRz), but blueberry trainers are the same idea but with MF. Bonus of ecoposh-inner is brown bamboo, so no worries about staining!
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  • I bought some no name China cheapies from ebay, and they've been perfect. I think they were $2-3 each, free shipping? If my daughter pees a lot they do leak onto her pants, but they are perfect if she starts peeing and goes "uh-oh!" and runs to the potty.
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