Pregnant after 35

NIPT test results

Anyone else get their results back super early? Took the test last Monday and had the results by Friday even though turn around was supposed to be 8-12 days. While I was overjoyed that it was less than 1in 10,000 chance for Downs and other chromosomal abnormalities now I'm freaking out that they somehow mixed up my results since it only took a few days.

Re: NIPT test results

  • Took my NIPT test on 10/26/15 they said test results come back in about 2 weeks they also say if no call everything is fine but I still wanted to know. I guess they will tell me results and boy or girl this coming Monday
  • Negative for trisomy 13,21, and Downs Syndrome and we are having another healthy BOY thank you God!!!!
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