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Tips on transitioning to formula?

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After getting plenty of clogged ducts, thrush, and generally sleeping less due to an insane pumping schedule, I'm switching my baby to formula. Im tired of ep'ing and breastfeeding isn't something I want to try again. I've thought long and hard about it and feel it is the best choice for us. My questions are to anyone who has done this before:
1. How long did successfully switching your LO from bm to ff take?
2. What methods did you use to dry up your milk/ how did they end up working?
3. Did your LO have gas or tummy troubles due to the switch (like mine seems to have) and how long did it take him or her to get over them?
We currently are using enfamil newborn powder mix, but are going to try gentlease I think. Not sure if it matters but LO is 7 wpp, and 11.1 lbs.
Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it!

Re: Tips on transitioning to formula?

  • I'm kind of in the same boat. I've had mastitis a couple of times and I'm just miserable trying to breastfeed/pump. What I did (This may not be a good idea if you've had plenty of clogged ducts!)since I am on antibiotics anyways is I just stopped bf/pumping altogether. I only pumped/hand expressed when I felt full/engorged. So far it's working great for me. I've only bf 1nce in the last 24 hours and my boobs are starting to not be engorged at all and not leak and not hurt. However, the best way to do it if your going to stop is slowly. You don't really want to stop all at once. I only did it cuz I'm on antibiotics already. Start by lowering 1 pumping session for a few days. For example if you pump 5 times a day and each session is 15 min long, take 1 of those sessions and lower it to 10 min for a few days. then lower it to 5 for a few days then eliminate it for a few days then start on the next session you want to get rid of the same way. :) My baby has had a few tummy issues but now is handling it pretty well. 
  • I pumped or hand expressed only when I got real engorged. For just a few minutes. And I put cabbage leaves in my bra. And took Motrin for pain. I leaked a bit for a few days but it was all over in a week. I did it real suddenly. Sometimes I got lumps but I just knead them out while hand expressing. The milk you do pump in those short sessions is no good to give baby bc it's all foremilk. My baby didn't seem to have any GI issues from the switch. We went from Similac for Supplementation for a few days to Baby's Only which constipated her. Now Switching to Holle and she's pooping great.
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  • I started supplementing during the day when my daughter was around 2-3 weeks. I actually just use the small premade bottles, the hospital supplied to see how she would do. She did very well. No problems going from bottle to breast. 
    I didn't use any methods to dry up. Lol.. My daughter is two years old now, and I still have milk. 
    My daughter had trouble burping. We started out with Similac Advance. We ended up switching to Sensitive and that's what we used. 
    * I had to stopped nursing all together at 15 weeks due to a staph infection. I had to take some heavy duty antibiotics. Due to a couple of things, my daughter was interested in nursing after that. I stopped cold turkey with no issues but I don't think that's recommended. 
    Just be careful about switching formulas. Don't make too many switches and I would recommend running by your pediatrician first. 
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