Pregnant after a Loss

Lurker Prayers

I come here often to give myself hope, inspiration, and faith that we will one day be pregnant again and have a baby in our arms.  I want to say congratulations to all of you and hope that your pregnancies are uneventful! 

This is my 2nd cycle post miscarriage, 1st cycle trying, and would love a BFP tomorrow.  We hoped our timing was favorable!  (Chart Stalk please - in siggy)  I got a positive at 7DPO with my miscarriage and tomorrow will be 7DPO.  I missed some temps and ovulated late so I guess it could be 8DPO.  I know you all have been in my shoes and would have given anything to see those two lines.

I try so hard to not stress and not think about the constant urge to be pregnant again, but the reminders/triggers are EVERYWHERE.  I would love to have one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and spend the holidays comforted knowing we have another chance.  Any and all prayers are appreciated.

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