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nipple confusion

My son is 9 days old and wont latch anymore. He was very jaundice and his ped wanted me to pump and bottle feed to make sure he was getting at least 3 oz each feed. Now I want to put him back on the breast as pumping is way too inconvenient but I refuse to switch to formula. My question is, how can I get him to latch back on? I try and try and just get frustrated. I skin to skin all the time with him. Let him sleep by my breast and skin to skin against my breast while he's awake. I'm at my wits end! I just want to breast feed my boy and get rid of this stupid pump!

Re: nipple confusion

  • Just keep doing what you are doing and do whatever you can to cut out the bottles
  • Try putting him as close to the nipple as possible (almost latched!) and use a bottle to drip a few drops of breast milk into the side of his mouth. Hopefully he might start to swallow and suckle! Good luck!
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  • The vicious cycle of bottles. I really don't think doctors get much if any lactation training. They create lazy latches getting moms to use bottles early on. Keep doing what you are doing. I was in the same boat in the beginning. I was strong armed into giving a bottle of formula at the hospital because LO went 24hr without peeing. It screwed me up for the 1st week. He still prefers the faster flow of a bottle but I basically refused to let him refuse the boob. Try hand expressing a little milk to get a couple drops on your nipple or do what PP said. It could get him to suck. I also squeezed myself to get the milk out faster while he was nursing then eventually was able to stop. Good luck.
  • Thanks guys. I wont give up! Thanks for the ideas and support.
  • You are doing great, stay clam, try to contact. LC or a LLL meeting. Just keep going he will get the hang on it.
  • Try feeding him an ounce or two in the bottle, pump a couple minutes to get your milk flowing and then put him to breast. If he has a little in his stomach from a bottle then he won't feel frantic to eat and may latch easier. You can slowly give less in the bottle and hopefully be done with them soon. Also use a slow flow nipple, if you aren't already, so he has to work with the bottle too. Good luck!
  • Any luck for anyone with a nipple shield? LC recommended one and I bought one last night. I'm nervous to use though. I've heard it hurts really bad and I just got these nipples healed!!
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