Sleeper recommendations?

Right now our 7 mo splits the night between the crib in his room and a rock n play by the bed in our room. He's starting to outgrow the rock n play and because it's at an incline he can't stretch out and get comfortable lying flat out. We're looking at the rock n play flat bassinet but reading reviews it sounds like the cushion is pretty thin and not very secure. Also might not be long enough. Crib won't fit in our room, looking for something small and affordable and of course safe, for sleeping in our room.

Recommendations or ones to stay away from? Anyone have the rock n play bassinet? Thank you!

(Ps. Not a post to discuss/pass judgement about sleeping in the crib all night vs cosleeping. This is what works for us for our own reasons; after a scare we are easing into the crib at our own pace)

Re: Sleeper recommendations?

  • He lasted a long time in the rock n play! I don't have ideas for you. Sorry.
  • Ha @baby'smom I know, he loves it! Even now outgrowing it he still loves it most of the night. I wish they made a model for the next size up!
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    Can I ask why he splits his nights? 

    ETA: Nevermind - I just saw the line about the scare. Do you have a pack and play? DD2 slept in a pack and play in our room unil she was almost 8 months...
  • Thanks, yes we have one but it stays at my parents who watch him most of the week as childcare. But we did buy a sort of mini pack n play! Takes up less space which is good !
  • Cosleeper that attaches to the bed like an arms reach?

    At eight months we moved my son to a mattress on the floor. It is great--best idea I've had for his room. I can easily cuddle with him and get up without disturbing him. He can crawl on and off at will, so it gives him more autonomy at bedtime. And I don't have to worry about him falling out of a bed or crib while wearing his clubfoot brace. Could you put a crib mattress on your floor?
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  • Thanks! Good idea. We ended up getting a Nuna mini travel crib which was great for the most part! He's full time in his crib in the nursery now, he started moving around so much at night that he'd get frustrated not having the space to roll around in the mini, plus waking up to every sound we made if we moved a muscle, so he wasn't sleeping well. This weekend was the first full nights in crib and he did amazing...I had some anxiety but I'll get through it knowing he's getting better much needed rest. The mini Nuna can be a nice little pack n play though so we've gotten good use, it bought us a couple extra months in our room. I'm sad he's not in with us anymore haha crazy attached mama
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