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Pregnancy Granuloma and Nursing

Hello everybody, I'll be posting here as well as Mayhaps another speciality thread in hopes of seeing if anyone else has experience but I'm told it's farely rare . So throughout my pregnancy I had a oral pregnancy granuloma which had to be removed twice. The first was the size of a small pea on my gum and the second time I had to wait until after delivery as it was too close and my periodontist didn't want to risk infection. Five days after my C-section he removed it (again by cauterizing) as it was a size of a quarter and had began to cause shifting in my teeth. Unfortunately, it's back again as he warned me it could be because I'm nursing and the hormones that my body creates to do so. Likewise if I take any form of hormonal birth control it could come back (small potatoes there-? Other methods work).
I truly honestly don't want to give up breast feeding- to me it's crucial bonding and so much healthier for baby, but these removals are getting expensive and when it does get large, it gets painful. Curious if this has happened to anyone else here and what they did to alleviate/ treat? I might have him try one last time to try and get the root system and graph the gum if needed. Long shot for an answer or others having similar experience, but thought I'd try.
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