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Insurance cover tongue/lip tie procedure

Mamas who have had this type of procedure dos your insurance company pay for it? Also did you have to get a referral from your Pediatrition?

Re: Insurance cover tongue/lip tie procedure

  • My insurance covered it, no referral needed. Depends on the type of insurance whether or not you need a referral. Your best bet is just to call them and ask what your specific plan requires.
  • Also, for a lip tie, is it a dentist you would go to?
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  • We just got our bill for the tongue-tie procedure, and it looks like insurance covered a portion of it, but we still need to pay our deductible. With so many bills coming in, I feel like I need to make sure we're not overpaying more than our out-of-pocket max!
  • Our insurance covered it 100%. The office manager at the ENT office said some companies don't cover the lip tie because they consider is cosmetic. We have Cigna and it was covered. We also have an open access plan so we didn't need a referral.
  • stumpty said:

    Also, for a lip tie, is it a dentist you would go to?

    I've head some dentists do it but we went to an ENT and she did both.
  • Our LO had a tongue tie clipped in the hospital, it was covered 100%
  • Look for this group on Facebook..."tongue tie babies support group ". I used a dentist who did water laser. I think dental would have covered it but she's not on our dental plan. If you have questions please pm me! We had the procedure done 3.5 weeks ago
  • Hello caityrose, i also do not havedental insurance for my bsby so how can i do the procedure. Any idea- plz share
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