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repeat c section with toddler?

I'm trying to decide if I should have a repeat c section or a vbac. I feel like the csection would just be easier but I'm concerned now that I have a toddler at home.  I've heard women heal within days of a vaginal delivery. For those who went through with the csection, was it difficult post op with your toddler?  Thanks. 

Re: repeat c section with toddler?

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    My DD1 was 33mo when i had DD2 via planned csection and it was totally fine. Personally for me healing was even faster than first time around (both mine were planned due to both kids being breech so i had no prior exhausting labor and healed fast last time). The only thing you will need to do is line up help lifting your older kid for the first few weeks. As in, if they are still in a crib, to put them in and take them out. Other than that it was all a piece of cake. And the ability to plan for the exact day and time I would need help - since I knew the date ahead of time - was priceless.
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    I had a repeat c 9/23 and have a 3.5yo DD. Thankfully my DD is super mild mannered and I was able to explain mommy had a cut and she needed to be gentle. She does a lot herself so no major issues caring for her.

    One thing I found interesting is many more women on my BMB this time around had significant tearing with their vaginal deliveries and their recovery time seemed longer and more difficult than the c-section Mommas.
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  • It would have been if I was by myself. Luckily dh had three weeks off and could help.
  • I am about 3 weeks PP & have a 4 year old at home. I feel recovery was quicker than last time. I'm not sure if it really was or since I do have a toddler I wasn't able to give myself the full 6 weeks like I was with my son. Either way I was up and moving around sooner. I did have lots of help the first 2 weeks and am still planning on taking it easy as far as lifting & bending but I am already driving. Oh side note I had my husband pick me up one of those grabbers that bed bath and beyond has & that's been a big help when no one is around. Good luck with whatever you pick.
  • If definitely depends on the age and personality of your toddler. With my 2nd csection (which was a failed VBAC attempt) I had a calm 17 month old. So while she wasn't climbing all over me and kicking me, she needed to be lifted in and out of the car, her crib, her high chair not to mention the many times she refused to go up and down the stairs by herself. I was on my own after 10 days and it went fine. With csection#3 I had a 2yr old and a 3.5yr old. My 2 yr old boy did not understand being gentle and was very rough and needy. My incision opened up after 3wks which sucked. Thankfully it didn't get infected and healed fine after about 4 more weeks. I have no help close by so I was on my own after 2.5wks.

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  • I believe this would be asked in this apologies if it isn't and please let me know where..I cant seem to find anywhere else.

    I am currently due in March 2018 and have a 2 year old at home (will be 2 1/2 by then).  I had an emergency C-section with my first due to his size and my body's inability to open up and allow him to come out... (pelvic area wouldn't open up anymore) (sorry if TMI)... basically this means because it was my body doctor has told me that if this next baby is just as big or bigger in size (estimated) we will have to opt for a scheduled C-section instead of a VBAC.  I am totally fine with this... however, my question is this.

    With a C-section we stay in the hospital for up to 4 days! What childcare plans did you all have in place for your toddler? I hate leaving him as it is overnight for more than one.... Did you have your partner stay with you one night and the rest head home with the toddler to keep things semi normal? I am worried about uprooting his whole schedule and flow we have going before the baby even gets home. Any plans/experiences to be shared would be great! I am trying to plan this without stressing too much.
  • I don’t know if anyone has replied to your question yet, but I’m due with my second in a few weeks and will be having a repeat c-section. What we’re planning is to have my inlaws come and stay with us for a few weeks. They’ll come before the date to get settled, then stay with my 3.5 year old while we’re in the hospital, and for a few weeks after we get home. That way she’s still at home, on her schedule in her environment. They’ll take her to preschool, her activities, to visit us in the hospital, as well as a few special thing. That way it feels like she’s getting special treatment and all of the focus isn’t on baby brother. 
    I don’t know about you, but when I had my first c-section I needed a lot of help in the hospital and I don’t know how I would have done it without my husband. Ideally I would love to be able to have him home with her so she doesn’t feel left out or out of sorts, but I know that I’ll need him and I’m sure that he’ll enjoy having the bonding time in the hospital with our new baby. I will say though, my daughter is extremely easy going and I am very lucky to have fabulous inlaws who are willing and able to come help us. 
  • @ABombard12 - Not sure if you've already figured out your plan but thought I'd chime in.  

    For both of my c/-sections, my husband has went home every night.  With our first, he needed to because we had a new dog who we didn't want to leave alone and with our second, he went home to keep a sense of normalcy for our daughter.  I really didn't mind "going it alone" in the hospital because I knew that the fabulous nursing staff was only a call button away. I felt that it was more important for my husband to be home with our daughter than watching me nurse all hours of the night ;) Best of luck to you! 

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