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Ultrasound measuring smaller than expected

I had my first ultrasound today and the baby is measuring 6 weeks when I am supposed to be 7 weeks. She measured the baby to be 4 mm and a heartbeat of 125. She is worried about the week descrapancy since I charted and knew ovulation and conception dates. I am going back on Wednesday to see if baby is growing. Has anyone had this happen to them as well? What does it usually mean? I am just really anxious now.

Re: Ultrasound measuring smaller than expected

  • @Masha I had this happen on Monday this week! I was expecting to be 9 weeks, based on the first day of my last period, but the ultrasound showed I was only 6w1d and there wasn't a heartbeat yet. My doctor told me not to worry, she said I probably just ovulated later than I thought. At first I was worried sick and felt really discouraged, but after a couple days I'm starting to feel better and just hopefully when I go back on Wednesday next week the U/S will show 7weeks and a heartbeat!
  • Thanks. It's so hard not to worry about all of this. Good luck to you next Wednesday as well.
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  • The pregnancy sounds healthy so I wouldn't worry over just a week. It could have implanted later than you thought.
  • I went in at 6 weeks 1 day and only saw a gestational sac and yolk sac. The doctor said that he expected more. Today at 6 weeks 5 days the babe measured 4mm and we saw a heartbeat so for me behind about 4 days. There are lots of changes happening now and measurements early on are really hard to determine. Hang in there. I know that the waiting is hard as the last 4 days of waiting for me were the hardest ever. Hang in there.

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  • I had the same thing happen yesterday.  I thought I was 7 weeks, but I measured 5 wks and 4 days.  The midwife seemed a little concerned, so she had me really worried.  The more I've read though, the more it seems quite normal.  We're going back in 2 weeks.
  • Had my ultrasound today and baby is back to measuring 7w 3D, which coincides wth my temping data. For those in the same situation wanted to let you not to worry.... I have been so anxious. Ultrasounds are just not that good before 7 weeks.
  • According to my lmp I should be almost 8 weeks, but at my last ultrasound I was measuring 2 weeks earlier. I'm hoping for the same outcome as you had when I see my dr again on Friday. I must say she acted like it was totally normal and no big deal when I last saw her, so although I was disappointed not to see a heartbeat, I wasn't really worried.
  • I had this with my first. I must have ovulated later than I thought. Everything was fine. I was about a week and 4 days behind. Also I have longer cycles so they base a lot of stuff off a 28 day cycles.

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  • I measured behind where the midwife and I thought I was today too but no one was concerned and I was told the ultrasound results were good news (I'm also having bleeding at the moment) so I think in these very early days it's just too soon with all the changes going on.
  • I'm 7 weeks 3 days according to my charting software but my lmp I should have been a weeks ahead. But the U/s I had Tuesday showed my charting was correct and I measure right on schedule with it.
  • Different techs can get different measurements. I was 5w5d Thursday and am 6w2d today. Nothing to worry about at this point. I'm glad you feel better today.
  • I know I'm a bit late on this, but just wanna put in my two cents and ask a couple of questions... I had a scan yesterday and was told I'm 6w6d when I thought I was 8w0d, based on my LMP. I saw a heartbeat, which was reassuring. But I can't help but be anxious still! Part of me wants to assume that I just ovulated late, but I got a BFP over 4 weeks ago... Any thoughts, ladies? x
  • Thanks for the reassurance. This happened to me on Tuesday. The date of conception was 5 weeks ago (technically 7 weeks pregnant since no date of last period... was over 5 months ago as I took the pill, but only the hormones and skipped the spacers). My OBGYN dated me at 4 to 5 weeks, which isn't possible. I could maybe be 6 weeks if I ovulated late. She didn't seem concerned and scheduled me for end of Dec. She saw the embro and fetal poIe but no heart beating. I made an appointment with a different Dr this Tuesday to see my progress. My OBGYN is 45 min away and works at the hospital, so very busy. This new appointment is with one 25 min away and less busy since she doesn't do deliveries. I'm hoping to see progress. Seeing a heart beating would really calm my nerves :)
  • All three of my due dates have been moved back. First was 4 days, second was 8 days and this one was 5 days. I wouldn't worry :)

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  • Since you were charting, there's a good chance it isn't good. With anyone else going by LMP, this is easily possible. But because you were charting and the date should be based on O, rather than LMP, it's hard for the embryo to measure behind and it be ok. If the office went off of your LMP and you O'd later than they are assuming (cd12, usually), then it will work in your favor. If they're going by your O date then I would be prepared, just in case. I'm really sorry. I know it sucks to know your dates. I'm guessing most here don't know their dates, which is why so many have due dates that get changed.
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  • It if you are charting, it can be off by that much. Everything is so small at that point that it is easy for something to be a millimeter off and that can equal one or more days behind. If you go in even just a day or two later you can get very different results. Different tech, different angle, it can all make a difference. Two weeks ago Saturday I had an ultrasound and the gestational sac measured 4w4d...even with a late ovulation, I couldn't have gotten a BFP when I did if I was really only 4w4d at the u/s. She also only sent my OB the pic without the yolk sac...she saw that after she took the measurement. We will repeat ultrasound on Saturday, but no one was concerned that I measured behind in the first place. It is hard to be accurate on dating until the baby is bigger.
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  • Actually, I am going to be honest. 1st tri mester U/S are actually very accurate. All babies pretty much grow at the same rate right now. I think there is a +- of 3 days for first trimester on the standard U/S machine.

    When did you test? 14 dpo?
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    I'll tell you my experience.
    When I was last pregnant I knew my dates as well. I know what day I had conceived and I knew it couldn't have been before that since DH was out of town and he got pretty sick right after. I went in for an ultrasound at 8 weeks due to some mild spotting and I was measuring at 6w3d and they found a heartbeat though it was a bit on the slow side. I knew I wasn't 6 weeks. I would have gotten my BFP at the same time as I conceived. Doc sent me home to measure again in two weeks but my gut instinct, motherly intuition, whatever, told me what I needed to know already. I did end up loosing that pregnancy a few days later.
    Now, your situation is a little different as you are only measuring a week behind and it is still a possibly for it to catch up. If you have spotting I would go back in for a follow up sooner rather than later. Prepare yourself but absolutely hope for the best because you ARE pregnant today.
    Stay positive the best you can. Right now you are pregnant and that is a blessing in and of yourself. Keep us updated and remember that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
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