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Baby will not take bottle.

My daughter is almost 4 months old and will not take a bottle. She has only had breast milk, I have tried giving milk and formula in almost every bottle you can think of. I have asked me pediatrician and he said some babies go straight to sippy cup. Has anyone else been through this? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!! Thank you.

Re: Baby will not take bottle.

  • Have you tried a sippy cup?
  • Has anyone else tried to give her a bottle. Some BF babies will take a bottle from other people but not mom.
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  • Has anyone else tried to give her a bottle. Some BF babies will take a bottle from other people but not mom.

    This.  LO has absolutely no problem taking a bottle from the ladies at daycare, or from DH, but won't take one from me.  She will even take one from DH while i'm sitting in the room.


    I'm hoping that once we get her on a sippy cup she'll take milk from that even when i'm in the area.  I love nursing her at bedtime, but i wouldn't mind letting her feed herself during the day.

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    My husband has tried giving her a bottle and she wants nothing to do with it, she will just cry/scream every time he tries. I am a stay at home mom so I nurse her throughout the day but wouldn't mind having him feed her at times. I may try to get a sippy cup this weekend to give it a shot. This is our first child so we are still learning. She's been colicky since she was a few weeks old, this still continues and now she is beginning to teeth. She just screams/cries every evening for hours...and her not taking a bottle, this momma gets frustrated. I feel so guilty!
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  • Omg don't feel guilty! Breastfeeding is HARD work! I cracked by 6 weeks and started formula supplementing because I just needed a break and my husband was feeling useless. Don't know what I would have done if I had that problem. Atleast you don't have to worry about going back to work so that's good.
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    All 3 of my kids went through a bottle strike. #1 lasted from 8-16wks then she took one fine even from me.
    #2 started refusing bottles at 8wks and never took one again. I got him to take a soft spout sippy with breast milk at 6 months.
    #3 started refusing bottles at 4wks. She is now 13wks and no longer screams with the bottle just chews on it. Not sure if that is progress?

    I just keep offering the bottle a few times a week.

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