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Uppababy Mesa Carseat - safety issue

I can't believe they're saying the chest latch isn't important... Unbelievable. This is really disappointing, this was the car seat I was going to get!

7 On Your Side investigates safety concerns of a popular car seat

Re: Uppababy Mesa Carseat - safety issue

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    1. It's not called a latch - it's a chest clip

    2. A chest clip is a positioning device and a lot of the time they break in an accident. They are there to keep the harness straps in the correct place.

    3. If your kid can undo the chest clip there are several tricks to try (a button up shirt over it, for example)
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    In Europe, their seats don't have chest clips, and they have a little thing called the Autobahn. If they were needed THAT badly, they would have them on European carseats as well.  The previous poster is correct, that a majority of the time, the chest clip will break when in an accident. If you watch the video of the baby opening her chest clip, her shoulder straps aren't even snug enough, which is more of a concern than whether or not her chest clip is open or closed. And if the parents were that concern, they could easily order a stronger chest clip (from other company) for under $20 and replace it with the UPPAbaby one. 
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