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Wool covers at night

How many wool covers would you need for exclusive night use? Is it worth it to buy newborn size (price-wise), or just the larger sizes?
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Re: Wool covers at night

  • Most newborns make dirty diapers very frequently meaning frequent night changes, so my opinion is that it wouldn't be cost advantageous. 

    For night use, I would recommend 2-3 wool covers. My covers usually dried over the period of a day and were ready again that night, but I would want a backup 'just in case.' 
  • I used 2 night covers. When properly lanoed, they last a couple weeks between washing, so I used one every night and aired it in the day until it needed a wash. Mine take up to 2 days to dry depending on humidity.

    I had one newborn one for pictures, but she did fine with PUL, because they don't wear them long. This baby I have small covers and longies, but with DD1 I only did wool at night, and I used Sloomb medium covers til potty training (big at first-but it didn't matter for nights).
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