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Finally went to my intake today and they sucked out half the blood in my body and did an ultrasound.  I know when I ovulated so I should be 7x0d today and I measured at 7w2d.  They were able to see a heartbeat at 149 bpm and what they could see looked good!  I'm  relieved this is over but I'm looking forward to my next appointment on Dec. 4th.  My mmc happened after a successful first ultrasound at the beginning of 8 weeks and the baby appeared to have stopped growing between the end of week 8 or beginning of week 9.  When I see the dr next, I'll be past the middle of week 9 and I feel like hearing a heartbeat then will be very reassuring.  I'm glad I've made it this far and I know every successful visit will bring a little more relief.  Oh, and they gave me a due date of June 28th.  My son was born June 29th so he might be getting a once in a lifetime birthday present!

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  • Congratulations! Wishing you a happy & healthy pregnancy!
  • Congratulations!
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  • Yay! Great news! Keep us posted on your next appointment!
  • Thanks everyone!
  • Thanks everyone!
  • Congratulations! It's so odd how that dating can happen. I'm due April 28th, 2 days before my MMC was discovered this spring. Hoping to make that time of year a much happier one!

  • Congratulations!! That's lovely news. Wishing you the very best.
    1st Pregnancy: EDD 12/31/15; Diagnosed Turner's with terminal cystic hygroma 13wks; induced at 14wks, +3 d+c's.
    2nd Pregnancy: BFP 10/8/15; EDD 6/21/16

  • I found out I was pregnant this time the week before Halloween and they discovered my mmc on Halloween last year.  It was scary and I was still sad but it did help distract me a bit from the sadness of that one year mark.  Now the due date is practically my son's birthday!

    Nurse called today and said all of my bloodwork looked good except my thyroid and they're adjusting my medication.  Glad now I asked them to run a thyroid test when I was in on Tuesday because I'm usually pretty stable unless I'm pregnant and then my thyroid always seems to tank.  Fortunately they adjusted my meds and it's early enough they said it should be just fine.  So hoping that things going so well continues for another 7 months! 
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