Pregnant after 35

Are you concerned?

I'm 40 FTM of 9 week old precious healthy baby girl. I was pregnant with twins but lost one at 8 weeks. Made me more paranoid during my pregnancy I think. Debating number two. Wondering if anyone is concerned about the risk of Downs etc since we're all advanced maternal age.

Re: Are you concerned?

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    I was concerned the first time around too and I was 24. 
    It depends on your views on abortions. I was open to the option in the case of a serious abnormality, but everyone is different
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    My blood work was negative, but I have one soft marker on my ultrasound (a white spot in. The heart). I admit that I am anxious about it. I have doubts about my ability to deal well with the situation if the baby does have downs then I feel like a horrible person for feeling that way.
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    There is no reason to feel bad about it. Raising a person with such a disability would be really hard. There are people who can, I am not one of them. If blood work is negative, then you should be fine
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    I'm a FTM, 8+2 pregnant and 37 years old. DH and I would like at least 2 kids, but am already so nervous about the risk of downs and everything else I feel like I'd be pushing my luck getting pregnant again if everything with this one turns out alright. Guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it....
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