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Low Progesterone Question

fellow moms and moms-to-be,
This question is in regards to mothers with low levels of progesterone. I had a dr confirm my second miscarriage today and he noted my uterine lining is much too thin and he wants to put me on a plan prescribing progesterone and lots of monitoring with any more pregnancies I have. So my question is first can I hear your success stories?! Would be so encouraging right now!

My other question is what is it like to be on progesterone and when/how do they start you off? Like before or after? I want to start before I get pregnant next because with my two miscarriages I would find out then miscarry right away:(

Anything else any others out there want to share about being on it that is helpful and uplifting is appreciated too

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Re: Low Progesterone Question

  • Oncee we stayed trying again, I'd call in with a "period start." From there, they'd have me come in...two weeks later? I don't remember when, but they'd pull my progesterone (from a blood test) and tell me whether or not they thought I'd ovulated. If they thought that I had, then they put me on progesterone (before I got a positive pregnancy test). I was on suppositories and experienced no side effects, but they told me that I wouldn't start my period as long as I was on them. Before I knew that, the first month, I was all excited because I hadn't started but confused because I was getting negative tests. Progesterone. Anyway, once you hit the second trimester you can get off of them because the placenta is supposed to take over. I ended up going back on them, but for a short cervix. I stayed on them until 35 weeks and didn't have my baby until 37 w. 6 d, so one day shy of three weeks later. She's sleeping next to me as we speak, so success! You can do it. They know what the problem is and I'm sure they'll be on top of it moving forward. Are you seeing a fertility specialist? That's who we saw after our loss and find them to be very vigilant. When I "graduated" from there at 12 w. we went to a high risk OB for peace of mind.
  • Thank you very much that was so encouraging to read! I am seeing a high risk OB dr Monday and fertility specialist then as well and I'm sure when I do get pregnant they will want to continue to see me, since I've had a few miscarriages now and that low progesterone looks like the culprit
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  • That's perfect. I think you'll be in good hands. I was 35 when I had my loss so I was scared that I'd never be able to have children. The fertility specialist did a good job of investigating my loss, monitoring my pregnancy and keeping me comfortable. I felt like they take care of patients emotionally, too, which unfortunately is left out of medical care a lot. Good luck at your appointments and I expect to see a "bfp" post from you soon!
  • I have a history of 2 early losses, likely due to low progesterone. My OB monitored my progesterone more closely, and put me on an oral supplement at around 4.5 weeks with this pregnancy. I took it until 12 weeks, and just give birth to a happy baby boy monday.
  • Congratulations!
  • If you end up doing medicated "natural" cycles, or even just being monitored so they know when you ovulate, they can start you off right afterwards. Then you take it for two weeks, test, if negative then you stop the P and get your period. If positive, you stay on. Or they would start you as soon as they knew you were pregnant. You won't get your period if you are on it.

    That being said, I think that is where people will get a lot of different advice from docs. A woman here said she took oral P--that would be much preferred, but almost nobody prescribes that. There are the cream and bullet suppositories, and then the progesterone in oil shots. And then there is the "how long do you take it?" I've heard so many different weeks that people take it for. By week 10, the placenta is supposed to be making it's own P, so my doc says you can stop then. But many other docs say to take it until out of the 1st trimester, some longer, and some much shorter! I could have stopped my shots two days ago, but I'm afraid and am waiting longer, even though the doc said specifically that if it is a healthy pregnancy, there is no need to keep taking it past week 10. I've not heard of the short cervix issue though and I assume a doc would tell one that.
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  • @peregrinefalconx, my cervix was short due to a LEEP I had, nothing to do with the progesterone. They just put me back on the same stuff later for that. Sorry I didn't clarify!
  • After a loss and a hard time conceiving, I took progesterone suppositories 3 days past ovulation. We got pregnant the first month taking them. I kept taking them until the end of the 12th week. I am 18 weeks now and everything is going well! I hope they help you as well.
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