Pregnant after a Loss

Am I or aren't I? Help.

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Hey ladies. Not sure if I belong on this board or not. Here's why:

I had a mc at 8.5 weeks in September (baby measured 6.5 weeks) and I started my period on October 19 after not bleeding for 30 days post miscarriage even though my hcg levels were still at a 10. My period lasted as long as it always has, 5 days (I've always been clockwork) and I then had another blood test where hcg was a 7. In my past I have always showed signs of ovulation around 11-12 days after the start of my period, and this was no different. I had obvious signs even though the nurse said it was impossible. We decided to try anyway. Well, fast forward to today (2 weeks from my last blood test which measured levels at a 7 and 10 days post when I had ovulation signs) and I had another blood test measured to see if my levels finally dropped to < 5. Results came back at a 15. So of course I'm thinking i could be pregnant since my last test was at a 7 but doctor says he thinks it's a "fluke" and wants me to come in for another blood test Friday and if my levels are up they want to do an ultrasound next week to see if I still have tissue retained from my mc in September. It seemed like they didn't even entertain the thought that I may be pregnant. Thoughts? Has this happened to anyone else? It's going to be a long week...

Re: Am I or aren't I? Help.

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