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Any one out there who had been put on AGR?

My husband got an approval letter from the AGR board. I'm not sure what you expect neither is he. How quick to get an offer, or will he? Should I be packing the house now? How long do you have to report after an offer? What happens with our select reserve tricare? Do we get fileted into prime remote when he gets orders?

Re: Any one out there who had been put on AGR?

  • I have never been put on AGR but I am in the national guard and I say no need to start packing now. Pretty sure that letter does not *guarantee* a position- as you said, he may get an offer or maybe not. I think it depends on a lot of things but mainly probably how far he is willing to travel. The more flexible you are to travel in the guard, the more opportunities you have, especially if you live in a bigger state.
  • I know this is a couple months old but my husband is AGR with the Army Reserve. When he gets orders, they (The Army) moves us to our new duty location. They even come in and pack all of our stuff. You just sit back and watch them. If he is AGR with the Guard, you stay in the state and you don't get moving expenses. As far as how soon you will know, I am not sure how soon people get picked up. It all depends on his MOS. We get moved every 3 - 5 years just like active duty. We just go to reserve centers instead of military bases. Our TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) stopped as soon as his orders started. Now we get the active duty TRICARE benefits. You can either have Standard (same as TRS) or you can select Prime or Prine Remote depending on where you live.

    Hope this helps. :)
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