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Gas Pains

My little one is 3 weeks old and seems to be having some serious gas pains. She is still having regular bowel movements, but she's irratable squirming around and trying to push down on everything. Any one have suggestions on gas drops or other solutions?

Re: Gas Pains

  • I have to burp my guy twice on each side, he just takes in so much air. If it's really bad I bicycle his legs or put him in the "colic hold"
  • Always burp baby between and after feedings. Mylicon drops are a god send and bicycle legs.
  • DD got a prescription for gas drops but when we used them it only seemed to make her tummy more upset, so I'm not sure I'm a firm believer in those. Like PP said, You just have to make sure you burp baby frequently. If I hear her swallow air or gulp some in, I break her latch and try to burp her then so she gets it out and then keep going after. And the bicycle legs help a ton! 

    The first "round about" exercise works WONDERS on DD. And once she starts to pass gas that way I push her legs gently to her tummy and it releases a ton of air. 
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    My LO went through 3 formula changes, several types of gas drops/gripe water just to try and narrow in on his gas issues.  

    He still has gas pains and some issues I think with working out his bowel movements, but I am chalking it up to immature digestive system still at this point.  We are hoping to see even more progress with it hopefully within the next couple of weeks.  Crossing our fingers by the 3 month mark.  He's almost 7w old, but was born 6w early. I have since stopped using any type of gas drops or gripe water, because I wasn't quite sure if it was making it worse or better. If we are still seeing irritability in him 2-3 weeks down the road, I am requesting we get his stomach/intestines looked at, because I want to rule out any sort of blockage, reflux issue that's causing him to writhe in pain and screech out, when passing gas.

    Not sure if you're breasfeeding or using formula, but the formula seemed to be the major issue with us.  Once we switched, we started seeing relief. Now we just do a lot of bicycle legs, burping in between feedings and more during feedings to keep it at bay.

  • We had the same issue. I used gripe water until he was a month and then started putting oils on his stomach and feet.... SO much better!!!! Hope you find some relief! 
  • What kind of oils do you use?
  • We used gripe seemed to work!
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