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Nonmobile 10 month old

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My daughter will be 10 months this Sunday and seems to have no interest in crawling, pulling up, etc. she seems completely content sitting and playing with toys. If we try to put her in a crawling position she will lay down and if we put her on her belly she gets upset and rolls over. I know not all babies crawl but she doesn't seem to want to be pulling up to standing at all either. She will stand holding on to something if we're behind her but I think she's scared. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Re: Nonmobile 10 month old

  • My friend's baby did things like what you are describing. She got early intervention involved. Turns out he had weak arms and they would tire easily so he wouldn't attempt any sitting up, pulling to standing or even tummy time. He would even tire with holding his bottle. With the help of early intervention, and only a couple of months, he did tummy time, started crawling and is pulling up to standing. Maybe take with your pediatrician about looking into early intervention. Good luck!!
  • I would suggest looking into early intervention as well
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