Pregnant after 35

Any ever have to have fetal echo-gram Done

Worried mom to be..please help

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  • We had the echo at 20 weeks and 30 or 32 weeks (I think) with our daughter because I have lupus and there is s chance of the baby's heart not forming properly because of my issues. It was just a very in depth ultrasound of her heart and it all went well!! She was perfectly healthy and is 18 mo old now and amazing!!!
    We are 4w with our 2nd and my doctors told me we would be doing the same this time around also.
    Good luck and try not to stress about it!!
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  • lillebowski23lillebowski23 member
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    My late sister was born with a congenital heart defect that led to her having multiple open heart surgeries and congestive heart failure before the age of 18. She died from complications 12 years ago at 21. As a result, I have to meet with the Fetal Medicine Specialist and will possibly need the echo if they don't get clear pictures of the heart.

    I sincerely hope that everything works out because I would not want my baby to go thru what my sister had to go thru.

    Hoping for all the best for you!
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