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Has anyone ever used this service? Interested in getting more info on the agency. The owner was really sweet on the phone but I can't find any reviews.

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  • We have not used this service, but we are also looking to get a nanny in Portland. So i'd be curious what you find out. We're hoping to get a part time nanny that will be relatively cheap for our newborn and 3 year old since I'm a full time student and my husband works from home.
  • We are signing up and going to give it a try. It's a $200 application fee and then I think $600 more if you hire someone through them. Basically they pre-screen candidates and do background checks and then send you profiles and you pick which ones you want to interview. If you pick one them, you become the employer and are responsible for doing the payroll and withholdings for the nanny (but they recommend a service you can use for a fee). They said most of the nanny rates are like $15-$20 I think plus you end up paying like an additional 10% or something per week as the employer part of the taxes and then a fee to the payroll company if you use them. It also said something about having to give the nanny 2 wks of paid vacation but that sounds a little crazy if they are part time.

    I'll let you know how we like the candidates they send.

    Also, I heard good things about
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  • We are also looking for a nanny... Have a colleague who had good luck using Portland Nannies... Speaking of which, we have to get on the ball! Thanks for the reminder!
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    We signed up. Haven't met any candidates yet, but my husband was impressed when he spoke with the owner again today.
  • I actually have worked through portland nannies. I met a wonderful family through the agency and was with them for seven years. The family I nannied for seemed to have no issues with them and they treat the nannies well. A lot is negotiable depending on the nanny and family agreement. Great agency to go through!
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