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Dutailier reclining glider...

I got my dutailier glider that reclines today. It glides really smoothly and locks in place as a stationary chair; however, it is so difficult to recline! There is no way I'll be able to recline it with a sleeping baby. How is it supposed to feel when reclining back? Mine feels like it gets stuck and I have to use both hands and feet on the floor to recline it back. Is there a lock I'm missing? I made sure the lever is unlocked. I looked and looked at the guts underneath but couldn't figure out where it's going wrong. Does anyone else have one or have tried one and know how to fix this issue or if this is just how it is? DH said he will put some wd40 on it tomorrow but he thinks that this is how it is supposed to be when I know something can't be right :(
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