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Zantac weaning & acid rebound

My 15 week old LO was on 1 mL of Zantac twice a day for about 2 months. We are now trying to wean her off the medication. We cut the dosage in half to 0.5 mL twice a day 3 days ago on her doctor's orders, and her symptoms are worse than before she was even on the Zantac! Has anyone had experience with acid rebound when weaning from Zantac? About how long could the rebound last? We would really like to have her off these meds, but it is heartbreaking to see her like this. I regret ever giving her the Zantac to begin with. It was never this bad!

Re: Zantac weaning & acid rebound

  • Did you tell the Pedi that she is worse after being off the meds? If she needs them for reflux then don't feel bad having her on them. I'd call your Pedi.
  • I agree! My daughter has been on Zantac for almost 3 months 1.5 mL twice a day and Maalox the other 2 feeds for a combo of reflux and bad gas. We haven't weened, but we haven't increased the dosage in over a month so she is maintaining even through weight gain. That being said I don't feel bad giving her a medicine she obviously needs to thrive and feel good. In an ideal world she would be on no medicine, but in the scheme of things I feel grateful that it's the worst medical problem she has and that it's being treated well by a medicine. I would call the pediatrician and tell them you believe your baby wasn't ready to ween and can you go back on? Also ask why the week was necessary at this stage so that you can understand their reasoning better. My pediatrian said no weening until a baby is eating cereal as that may help with reflux! Hope this helps... Don't beat yourself up you just are being your child's best advocate!!
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  • My DS has been on Zantac (1ml 2x day) since he was about 9 weeks. He wasn't gaining weight and not sleeping. It definitely has helped but now I'm at the point of wondering when he can get off the medication. I know that there have been times where his night time dose was skipped only because he was asleep and it didn't seem to bother him however we haven't tried to stop all together until we go in 2 weeks for his 4 month checkup. Maybe cutting out 1 dose a day will help him ween but I wouldn't try anything without the go-ahead from your ped
  • My pediatrician mentioned that after a month of her eating cereal / baby food I could start weaning my LO off the zantac to see how she does. She said that if she still has symptoms to then start giving it to her again and we will try again later. She said at 4 months is when babies can start to not have issues with reflux as much..but they can have issues up to a year old!
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